Stories from our escorts in Madrid

We know that you love to know more about our stunning escorts in Madrid. In this section you’ll be able to read personal stories, private thoughts and experiences that all our girls have in their meetings, travels and dates. We will be publishing them here in order to give you more information and make your decision process a bit easier. We hope you find these articles interesting. If you want us to talk about any particular topic or want to send us your story, please contact us.

21-9-2016 | Donna


Feeling is living

There is a myth in the escorts’ industry that says that we escorts don’t feel anything in our dates and encounters. People uses to think that we are like machines that just do our work and are not humans. False.

I work as escort in Madrid for more than three years already. As you could imagine, I’ve had relationships with a lot of different persons, men and women. Let me tell you a thing. I always felt something, in every one of those dates I connected in some way with my partner. We are persons, and even if our work is to satisfy other persons – both sexually and emotionally – we are listening, understanding, touching, licking and having sex relationships with other persons. How could we avoid feelings? It’s impossible. At least, for me.

Besides, my work style is based in empathy. I always try to connect with my customers, and adapt myself to them in order to fulfill their expectations and … of course, I want to have fun too! I love my work, and I’m not willing to continue enjoying it and having feelings. I’m lucky because most of my customers know this and share my thoughts about this topic.

31-8-2016 | Antonida


Love is in the air

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite stories. It happened some months ago, but I feel that it will be in my mind forever.

Since I am an escort in Madrid, I’ve had the chance to travel to different countries around the world with some incredible customers. Every trip had its anecdotes, and I can say that I really enjoyed all. But a few months ago I had a new customer who wanted me to travel with him to Italy. He was Russian, and traveled to Italy because of a business meeting. He was going to be in Rome for 4 days and wanted a girl to accompany him during the whole trip. So he chose me!

From the very beginning we connected. It was one of those times when two persons are made the one for the other, and we started talking and talking in the taxi, in our way to the airport. Once in the plane, we couldn’t repress ourselves and decide to go together to the toilet. Oh my god! It was incredible. We both were so excited. We started to kiss passionately each other, and we really felt that tingling inside of us. He was so kind and romantic that I felt like we were a real couple. He undressed me slowly, while caressing me all my body. I was almost shaking when trying to put the condom on him, but once I did it we had the best sex ever. We didn’t last so much. We were really excited and we had to leave because we were doing something prohibited.

I can still remember the sound of his breath when cumming. We cum at the same time. It was glorious and the rest of the trip was it too. I can say that we really make love in that plane.

23-8-2016 | Emma


My preferences as an escort

Hello everyone! A lot of you used to ask me about what I like of being an escort in Madrid. Well, first of all I have to say that I really like meeting people. I’m a very open minded girl, and since I was a child I always had a lot of friends. Once I’ve been growing, I realized that I prefer meeting men than women. I don’t know exactly why, but I feel better when I’m in men’s company. They use to understand me better and I feel really relaxed when speaking for the first time.

When having dates, these are the three things that I love most from a man, ordered by priority:

  • Hygiene: most of men use to come to dates clean and washed. But sometimes, I met men who forget about this thing or they think that it’s not important. Please, if you want to date an escort and give a good impression, take care of this.
  • Education: I’m a cultured and clever girl, and I expect from my company the same. Please be respectful with me. I’m a person, just like you. If you’re polite you’ll get the best from any escort in the world.
  • Openness: I love sincere men. Those who are not afraid of sharing what they want to get and their preferences. It’s great if we both know what we’re expecting from the other one from the very first moment. We will have much more fun, even if you think that you want something strange or unusual.

Those who are clear about these three things will connect with me so easily than we will experience really unforgettable moments together. Just take this into account when having a date with me, or with every girl or escort you’re meeting. Big kisses for all!

13-8-2016 | Olivia


When I had my first date

It was a rainy day. I still can remember the water falling and splashing to my all new Prada shoes. I had a date at 7.30 pm. The plan was to have dinner in a romantic restaurant, have some drinks in a quiet and fashionable club and walk together to the hotel room where my customer was staying.

It was 6.00 pm and I already was prepared. It was going to be my first date and you can be sure that I was really nervous. I think that I started selecting my clothes at 3 pm. Now, it’s funny to remember me looking at the mirror for hours in order to be perfect for my companion.

I arrived early to the meeting. It was a wonderful restaurant. He arrived at 7.25 pm. Strong, tall and very well dressed man. He was 27 and was in Moscow because of business. Black hair, glasses and two big blue and amazing eyes. 

Dinner was great. I remember it as the best time of the date. We were talking and taking. He had strong conversation skills and he shared with me really interesting stories about his life and his country. He was from London and traveled around the world to sell some kind of technology that I won’t be able to completely understand.

Once in the club, we started to feel more close. We first kissed there. It was so romantic and emotional. I felt a swirl of sensations, from my head to my breast and stomach. We did connect and I felt like we both knew each other since a long time. After two tasty cocktails we decided to go to the hotel.

He was a wonderful lover. And a real gentleman. He knew how to treat me during all the intimate time that we share together. We both caressed ourselves, kissed all our bodies and made love in all possible positions. For me, it was like spending a passionate night with my real boyfriend. I’ll never forget it, and I hope he won’t forget me either.

8-8-2016 | Evgenia


My last trip to Dubai

I just wanted to share with you guys why I love so much this work as escort. I use to work full time in Moscow, but sometimes I’m really lucky and have the chance to travel with a client around the world. Last time it was a trip to Dubai. Have you been there? Such an amazing city! I was there as a company for an incredible and super interesting man, who I will call Luca (fake name). I adore these kind of experiences, because it allowed us both to know much better each other, enjoy the city and have intense and really passionate moments together.

I encourage to all of you to have the opportunity to live something like this. Normal dates are great. I do enjoy them. But this is something different. I know have a new friend, Luca, and I will always remember the amazing adventure we lived together. We spent a very fun time, and I’m sure that I will see him again in the future. Well, I hope so! We really connected.